Tripling Softorino’s Universal License Subscription Signups from 1.6% to 5.1%


Tripled subscription signups from 1.6% to 5.1%


Customer research, messaging strategy & copywriting




USA / UKRAINE (Global)

Softorino is a dynamic software company dedicated to simplifying digital media management. They offer innovative solutions that empower users to effortlessly transfer and manage their media files, such as music, videos, and documents, across various Apple devices. Serving a diverse user base, from tech enthusiasts to everyday consumers, Softorino's user-friendly applications streamline the process of moving and enjoying multimedia content on iOS devices, enhancing the digital experience for all.


Unclear messaging driving down conversions

Josh, founder of Softorino, knew he had plenty of traffic visiting the website each month but due to unclear, out-of-date messaging, site visitors weren’t converting into user signups as well as they should.

Plus, Softorino was in the midst of transferring their business model from one-time software sales to a subscription-based SaaS model that gave it’s users access to all of their software tools for one low monthly fee.

Without past user research, it became overwhelming for the team to put together effective messaging that would not only convey the value and cost-savings that a subscription-based model would bring to its users, but all the added benefits such as more frequent updates and simpler license management across all of the tools.


In-depth customer research with a value-focused proposition

I broke my solution into three stages: Research, Messaging, and Design. Through both qualitative and quantitiate surveys, I was able to pull together and parse out the main messages that would later inform the new landing page messaging and it’s hierarchy.

All of this data let us clearly see what the main reasons customers were signing up to Softorino, including their hesitations and objections, how they found us, what they believed to be our competitive differentiators, and so much more.

Next, we completely rebuilt and redesigned the Universal License landing page to reflect the new messaging as well as refined website navigation, consolidated CTAs, and placed a much stronger focus on the value-savings of a Universal License subscription vs. purchasing individual softwares. 

Softorino was now speaking directly to it’s customers, displaying the breadth of apps and software within their subscription, and were able to position themselves as a much more attractive alternative to their competitors. 


3X increase in conversions & paid customers

Initially, we appeared to have gained an unbelievable 27x conversion jump in visitors to paid-user signups, but quickly determined a simultaneous app-specific marketing campaign had generated a ton of unintended traffic to the landing page.

After excluding traffic from that marketing campaign, we were able to determine an increase in signups and conversions from 1.6% to 5.1% - triple the previous landing page’s conversion rate and subsequently nearly tripling Softorino’s new MRR.

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