Boosting Prosple’s Homepage Signups from 1.28% to 5%


5X Increase in homepage conversions to applications


Customer research, brand messaging, CRO strategy and project management



Job Market SaaS

Australia / Global

Prosple is a global platform designed to help students discover the most meaningful next best step in their career journey.

Prosple is obsessive about helping students bridge the gap between graduation and launching their careers. What makes them tick? What do they want? How can they best help them?

And Prosple feeds all of that collective intelligence to universities and employers so they hit the graduate recruitment mark time and time again.


Low homepage conversion rates leading impacting application metrics

Top employers around the world pay Prosple to advertise their graduate and intern positions on their platform. Employers expect certain minimum number of qualified applications to their programs. When positions aren’t receiving enough applications, it becomes the growth team’s responsibility to jump in and drive new, qualified applications to the positions.


Hyper-focused messaging and frictionless search process

In a similar way that Amazon makes it frictionless for consumers to part with their money, Prosple desperately needed to improve their messaging and provide a fast, frictionless experience to help students find positions appropriately suited to then, and capture and nurture students who weren’t ready to apply just yet.

I broke my solution into three stages: Research, Messaging, and Design. Through both qualitative and quantitiate surveys, I was able to pull together and parse out the main messages that would later inform the homepage messaging and it’s hierarchy.

All of this data let us clearly see what the main reasons students were applying for positions through Prosple, including their hesitations and objections, how they found us, what they believed to be our competitive differentiators, and so much more.

Next, we completely rebuilt and redesigned the homepage to focus providing students the fastest possible way to personalize their searches and apply for positions suited to them.


5X increase in homepage conversions

A frictionless search process combined with hyper-focused messaging and new design propelled the student application signup rate from 1.2% to nearly 5%.

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