Growing English Buzz from Zero to 7K MRR%


Zero to 7K MRR in one year


Go-to-Market strategy

Growth strategy


Justin's contribution to English Buzz was nothing short of remarkable. His marketing expertise was pivotal in propelling our platform to over 7K MRR. Justin's organic growth strategy challenged our target audience’s assumptions and turned our videos into popular, conversion-driving assets that significantly boosted our revenue and brought us in several million views to our brand in the first year.

Daniel Correa, Co-Founder @ English Buzz


English Buzz


USA / Russia

English Buzz is an online English learning platform designed by native English-speaking teachers. Through a subscription-based model, it grants students exclusive access to a rich library of self-study English lessons, offering a comprehensive and engaging way to master the language at their own pace.


Starting from zero with no leads leads or paying users

English Buzz faced the daunting task of growing English Buzz from scratch with no paying students. As a growth marketer, I chose to use viral organic growth marketing as the main acquisition channel given English Buzz’s limited budget and untested audience. 


Organic viral content marketing strategy

Knowing that people prefer to follow people instead of companies, I constructed a personal brand separate from English Buzz that used social media (primarily Youtube and Instagram) to target our ideal customers.

I strategized and and executed a content plan that challenged the assumptions that Russian-speaking English learners had both about learning English as a language and living life in English-speaking countries.

With millions of views on our social media assets, I then built out lead magnets and an effective email marketing strategy to capture leads and convert them into paying customers on the English Buzz platform.


Millions of brand views and over 7K MRR within a year

Our content strategy generated millions of views across all of our social media assets which translated into thousands of lead captures and eventually paying customers, taking English Buzz from zero MRR to over 7K/month within the first year.

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