Doubling Book Like A Boss’ website conversions from 8% to 16.9%


Doubled conversions from 8% to 16.9%


Customer research, messaging strategy & copywriting

His work is outstanding and his communication on the projects is second to none.

Nachum Kligman, Co-Founder @BLAB




USA (Global)

Book Like A Boss (BLAB) provides service-based businesses from solopreneurs to large companies and enterprises an easy, more powerful way to sell their services with customizable, branded booking pages that make it easy for their clients to book them and grow their sales.

It’s an all-one solution for scheduling appointments and selling services online. In the same way that you think of what Shopify is for e-commerce brands, Book Like A Boss is the Shopfiy of selling services.


Hidden Product and Misaligned Messaging

Nachum Kligman, co-founder at Book Like A Boss, knew how important it was to better convert the wealth of traffic coming into the the main homepage and overall website.

But his team was more focused on product development and such a long to-do list there was no time to focus heavily on strategic marketing and CRO efforts. He wanted the experience and messaging that website visitors encountered to resonate with them and build the level of trust and comfort necessary to convert them into free-trial users.

With a wealth of past customer research and analytics, it became overwhelming trying to make sense of it all, discover the trends, and turn that data into actionable insights that would inform the creation of a much higher-converting homepage.

To add insult to injury, BLAB's biggest competitive differentiator - high-converting booking pages, were nowhere to be seen on the homepage.


In-Depth Customer Research & Product-Centered Design

We broke the solution into three stages: Research, Messaging, and Design. An intensive research phase let us pull together key messages that let us clearly see the top reasons customers were signing up to BLAB, including their hesitations, objections, how they found us, our competitive differentiators, and more.

Next, we completely redesigned the homepage to focus on the booking pages. Not only are they impossible to miss, but we added a searchable library of example booking pages so that visitors could search and view how their business might look on an example booking page in their niche/industry. 

A product-focused homepage combined with research-backed messaging meant BLAB was speaking directly to it's customers pain points and allowing them to experience the power of their booking pages.


Increase in Free-Trialers and Paying Users

BLAB’s conversions from homepage visitors to free-trial signups more than doubled, increasing from 8 to 16.9% thanks to the new homepage changes.

BLAB also saw a 15% increase in conversions from their free-trial into paying users.

Now, BLAB has peace of mind knowing that they can run marketing experiments and potential website visitors have the best possible chance of converting into free-trialers and paid signups.  

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